AMMARA KHAN is pleased to present 'DISCOURSE', a collection of short videos featuring five remarkable Pakistani women.

DISCOURSE celebrates these inspirational young women's unique perspective on what "Self Expression" and "Freedom of Expression" means to them. Through this collaborative effort they share AMMARA KHAN's ideology to celebrate fearless individuality and the modern, young, spirited woman of today who is unafraid to do what she is passionate about and to stand up for what she believes in. The ever erstwhile AK muse.

Episode I: Eman Suleman - Model Extraordinaire & Actor

Our first guest speaker for DISCOURSE is eloquent, educated, expressive, unabashed, self-assured, and unconventional. All this in an industry which is considered to be superficial and exploitative of women; tells us how amazing Eman is! May you continue to grow and live life on your own terms.

Eman has been styled in a pristine white silk organza outfit from our latest Ready-to-Wear collection "FLO".

Episode 2: Anita Karim - Pakistan’s first female MMA Fighter

A survivor. A believer. A fighter. Anita the inspirational. As lovely as the cherry blossoms from her home, Hunza, but also a symbol of strength as glorious as the mighty Karakoram. She fell many times, but got back up with conviction and with faith stronger than before. Never compromising, never giving up on her dreams. Anita, you are awe-inspiring.

May you continue to break barriers and shine on! Anita Karim has been styled in beautiful ivory karandi kurta from our Ready-to-Wear collection 'QUEEN BEE'

Episode 3: Faiza Saleem - Our third guest speaker for Discourse.

Pakistan's first female standup comedian and social media entertainer par excellence.

A lawyer by training, this remarkable young woman is shaking up things tackling social issues with her infectious humor and endearing personality.

This Karachi gal is a force to reckon with. She pursued her passion for comedy zealously and inspired many women along the way with her work with ‘THE KHAWATOONS”, Pakistan's first all-female comedian troupe. For Faiza self- expression is her individualism. There is only one Faiza for anyone and everyone!

FAIZA SALEEM is styled in a très chic and elegant best-seller from AMMARA KHAN'S latest collection 'GOLDEN HAVEN'.

Episode 4: Saba Khan - Our fourth guest speaker for Discourse!

Saba is undoubtedly one of Pakistan's most prolific female artists. Recognised for her diverse body of work in visual communication, her art presents an insightful commentary on political and social issues, using humour and satire. In addition to her work as an accomplished artist, Saba is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a teaching faculty member of the esteemed NCA. Saba's take on self expression is unique and offers an interesting perspective on the topic. The way she articulates her point of view no-nonsense. We wish Saba all the best in her quest to create art which is both beautiful and meaningful! Saba Khan is styled in an elegant forest green silk tunic from AMMARA KHAN's latest festive edits 'GLITZ'.

Episode 5: Mehar Bano - Our fifth guest speaker for Discourse.

Mehar Bano is a Pakistani filmmaker and actress. She is famous for her strong characters in the drama and film industry. Mehar Bano has chosen dance as her medium of expression, she is vivid in both her appearance and thought. A candid girl who is a symbol of confident, fearless and empowered women. MEHAR BANO is styled in a chic and elegant best-seller from AMMARA KHAN'S latest collection 'CHARMAINE'.